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Kids are Sponges

My son will be six in January, and he has been in the Little Mantis Kung Fu class at TKKF for 24 weeks. A couple days ago, my family and a friend of my son were at a school event when I was shocked at what my son was doing. He was teaching his friend some of the techniques that he had learned in his Kung Fu class.

I was blown away. He was telling his friend, “This is what you do if someone grabs you, this is what you do if they grab your arm, this is what you do if they pick you up, and then you run. That’s called Stanger Danger.” I was so proud. He told his friend, “First you palm strike, then push kick, then run, and you can elbow, and you can snap kick, and you can block, and you can double block, but then you run for help.” His friend was doing the techniques with him, and of course my son had to interrupt from time to time to correct his form.

Kids are sponges. Why not let them absorb the knowledge of what to do if confronted by a stranger? He is always coming home and telling me, “Grab my shoulder.”, and before I know it I’m getting kicked in the leg and punched in the stomach. He says, “That’s what you do if a stranger grabs you, then you run.”

That is what Sifu Brandon Jones teaches in the Little Mantis Class, Stranger Danger. I’ve peeked in on many of my son’s classes and Sifu Jones truly loves what he does. The kids are learning self protection by acting through dangerous situations and having a blast at the same time.

Come to TKKF and see how your child can learn to protect themselves if a dangerous situation with a stranger should ever arise, and while they are learning, they’ll be having so much fun, that they don’t even know they’re soaking up this knowledge.

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