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Veteran’s Day

I was ready to post on the topic of learning to fight without learning the numerous forms associated with Mantis KF, when the following hit me. (Will discuss the forms topic soon)

As I post this, the morning rain outside my window is pounding everything in its path. The creek running alongside my house is beginning to flood my front yard and strong winds force huge pines to bow. The sky is a purplish gray. I’m cold.

I find myself wishing for a sunny day, feeling down only because of the weather.

That’s when I notice the date.

November 11.

How selfish and spoiled I am. Here I sit, completely protected from the elements, writing on a computer, when thousands of United States Soldiers are carrying out their duties despite the weather. I watch the rain.

I can’t imagine sleeping on desert floors in 150 degrees as sand granules burrow their way into every cell of my body and mortar rounds hum through the night. Nor could I run through jungles with snakes and snipers ready to kill me.

I can’t imagine flying a jet with a MIG on my tail, or being aboard a ship with huge waves crashing against the hull pelting my face with salt water, soaking my clothes, while enemy subs hope to blow me up.

I can’t imagine fast-roping from a Blackhawk as men, women, and children fire their A-K 47’s at me, or being on a four-man special ops team, dropped off in the black of night a mile away from my target, swimming in shark infested waters only then to crawl through dense tropical forest to infiltrate terrorists’ camps.

I can’t imagine going through all of that and then Americans, the people I so proudly swore to protect and to defend, treat me as a leper when I return.

But you know what? I don’t have to imagine any of that. The United States Soldier has already done it for me . . . for real. These men and women do this day after day because they see the bigger picture. They understand the threat.

U.S. Soldiers are the epitome of servant hood. They love this country and we should love them.

The storm has intensified outside but suddenly, I feel warm, safe.

Thank God for you Veterans. Happy November 11.

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3 Responses to “Veteran’s Day”

  1. Ja Gow Zack Permenter Says:

    The only thing I could ever add to that would be a loud AMEN!!

  2. angelinka Says:

    ……it’s not really a “comment by definition” on your post (which is absolutely great and very thoughtful…as always…), it’s just some memory that it brought up in my mind, I’d like to share with you….

    I remember that day…

    I was working evening shift, but I had to go to Tyler in the morning to see the doctor.

    It was pouring on HWY 31; and, for the first time, I was driving in such conditions when you can’t see the car in front of you ( I don’t have a lot of driving experience). At one point the car on my left blew all the water under it at my front window; so, for the longest minute in my life, I was absolutely blind and I knew there was a car right in front of me, very close.

    I started panicking for a second, but then I clearly heard my thought: “If I crash now, I might never be able to do Kung Fu any more. What my life is going to be like then?..”

    So I gathered myself together and concentrated on the noise until I saw that car in front of me again.

    By the time I arrived to my destination, I learned two important things: first, what to expect from such unfavorable driving conditions; and second, what place Kung Fu takes in my life.

    ….just remembering…..

  3. angelinka Says:

    CHI – question ?????

    I think I have actually seen you use your chi, which absolutely amazed me at that moment. You were showing us some application, and to me it looked like you sent your opponent down without even touching him.
    True or false?

    I also think I personally felt your chi once. Even though in this case I can’t be absolutely sure, because it might be something else……It felt like you touched me without making a physical contact.
    Am I crazy?

    I sure hope in the future to be able to feel and direct my own chi and then “everything is possible”!!!
    Would you please share your experience of chi with me and help me in that direction.

    P.S. Thanks to Zack for bringing this topic which, I’m sure, fascinates many people but will never be answered in full.