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The Hole Inside

The Kung Fu that Sifu Jones teaches fills the hole inside me. Wow, what a statement. Let me clarify. I believe that most of us at some point feel incomplete. That we’re missing something in life. But we continue on doing the same old thing. Work, sleep, eat, entertain ourselves, go to church, spend time with family, etc.: all the things that we have found that we need. But what if you still feel that something is missing? Then you read a book, watch a movie or meet someone. And then you think, “What about martial arts?”. Then you start looking at different schools in your area. You go to some classes, maybe you participate or just sit and watch. You have searched online, looking for advice about how to choose a martial art. You have read hundreds of articles about which one is the best. But the problem is that everyone says that theirs is the best. Karate is the best; no, Tae Kwon Do is the best; no, Kung Fu is the best; no Aikido is the best; no, Boxing is the best. You get so confused about which is the best that you think that you’ll just pick the cheapest school because they’re all the same. Then you go to one more school to try it out. You walk up expecting the same old thing. But during you time there, you start to feel good, excited to be learning, and part of the group. At the end of class you go to the instructor and ask about how to join. You don’t wait for anyone to ask you if you are interested, you just know that this is what you want to do. You have found what you were missing.

I think that choosing the right martial art for you is a combination of the right instructor and the right style. It’s not about which style everybody says is the best. It’s not about which school has the nicest instructor and staff. It’s about finding the right place for you.

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2 Responses to “The Hole Inside”

  1. brandon jones Says:

    Great thoughts, Matt. Look forward to seeing you in July

  2. Michael Miller Says:

    I, completely agree with you, when I started Kung Fu when I was fifteen I felt like something was missing even with doing it with my friends that I had known for 8 years at that time. That experience gave me the “bug” to push for more physical trianing, because of that I tried joining the military, not for me, I tried Tae Kwon Do, nope not for me, then I just gave up and started to live life but never really losing the desire to train just buried it under life.

    Then I moved to Tyler in 2005 (still didnt start Kung fu until 2008), because a friend showed me what he had accomplished losing over 100 pounds and telling me what he had to do for his training. My friend was the spark that started the fire for me to start training again. At frist it was to lose weight which did happen the second was to succeed and not let myself down, which did happen, and now my desire is to become a “master” to teach and carry on the tradition, which may or may not succeed but I know that I have support and a drive not like any other than I have had in my life before and part of that came from Sifu Brandon Jones and Ja Gow’s Adam and Daniel.

    Now that I have two kung fu brothers that I have trained, grown, with and came up with I know through competition that I will increase my drive to better my Mantis or “The Bug.”