A New Family

When I first walked through the doors of Tyler Kung Fu & Fitness, I never expected that I would become so consumed with this mesmerizing art. Nor did I ever think that I would become a part of the Instructor Program within 6 months of starting. I have dived so deep into the art that I automatically react using what little kung fu I have learned.

In many ways, Sifu Jones has been like a father figure to me.  Therefore he has generously included me in beneficial kung fu events, such as demos, Sigung Fogg’s birthday celebration, as well as Grand Master Fogg’s annual workshop.

Just the other day, whenever we arrived in Richardson, Texas to celebrate Sigung Fogg’s birthday, Sifu Jones introduced me to Master Fogg and told Sigung that “I’d been bitten by the bug” (meaning I’m obsessed with kung fu, which I am, and proud to admit it). Sigung said to me “So you actually like this stuff?” My response to him was “Just a little.” (I said with a smile on my face). Then Sigung said something that will forever change my perspective on kung fu. “Welcome to the family. You’re in it for life.” At that time I realized kung fu can’t leave my life. Even greater, I’m part of a family forever. (If you read my first blog you’ll understand why that’s so important to me).

Shortly after the meet and greet it was time for the ceremonial demos. (It’s a sign of respect for a Sifu to have there students demo in front of their Sigung on his/her birthday). I wasn’t expecting to have to do a demo, so I had not prepared a form to do. Then when Sifu Jones called on me, my stomach dropped and I started sweating like crazy.

I got up, bowed at the sifus, called out the most recent empty hand form I had learned, and let my body do the rest without thinking. I thought I did horrible, but everyone told me that I did great. Despite how nervous I was, I’m honored that Sifu Jones would trust me with such a task.

We went out to eat at a Chinese restaurant after the demos and everyone was sharing food like we had known each other forever. We were all laughing and talking about (you guessed it) kung fu. Following dinner we stood outside the restaurant for about an hour discussing the applications of different moves. I was having the time of my life watching the masters break down different forms, and absorbing as much of it as possible. It started getting late and we had to come back to Tyler and everyone started hugging me and shaking my hand. I felt proud. I knew they will forever be my Family.


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