Art of Kung Fu Basketball

I had an interesting revelation the other day. I’ve been going and playing basketball with a friend here at school. He is 38, and I think and what people would consider “in shape” (weight lifter, etc). He is probably a little better than me at basketball. Anyway, we have been playing for a while. The other day we both felt like playing more than usual. Needless to say, sitting behind a computer for 9-10 hours a day does nothing for your cardiovascular endurance. What I found interesting was when we were both completely worn out. Both just barely could lift our legs to run.
I started just beating the pants off him, getting good shots, movingĀ aroundĀ him easily, leaving him in the dust, so to speak. I really think it had nothing to do with my current “shape” as I’m pretty far out of shape. What hit me, was our (TKFF students) training in pushing ourselves. Our mental stamina, so to speak. It was interesting that when we were both completely exhausted, I excelled while he didn’t. He wasn’t used to pushing his body at that point of exhaustion like I am. It wasn’t any fun, I didn’t like it anymore than he did, but I understood it and was used to it.


You know how you always say we (TKFF people) pass people on the hills (while running, etc), I think that is exactly what happened. Its not that its easier for us to perform at the point of exhaustion (well maybe easier because we are used to it) but its just “what we do”. There is no option. You just dont stop…ever…period.