Mind of a Warrior

Recently I went over to one of my Kung Fu brother’s houses so we could practice our forms together. We spent about 4 hours outside in his backyard doing forms and playing hands (fighting with control). We then went inside of his house to get some much needed water refills.

While we were inside I saw a chess set laying out on his table. I made a comment about how long it had been since I had played chess. My kung fu brother and couldn’t help ourselves. So we started setting the board up, and there we were trying to outmaneuver each other. (I am in no way a skilled chess player, but I can’t say no to a challenge.)

My kung fu brother was whooping the dog snot out of me on almost every move. I was on the defensive the entire game. It got to the point where I was left with only my king. Most people at that point would give up. However for me giving up is NOT an option. I just kept moving my king out of check. I still had the idea of victory in my head. Why? The odds were a million to one.

The answer to that question is that my training has taught me that no matter what the odds that I simply can’t give up. “Keep going!” I could hear Sifu (Brandon Jones for those of you that don’t know everyone) saying to me in my head. Defeat is NOT an option in the Mind of a Warrior.

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