Just like Bourne

The power of a book.

I vividly remember my father handing me the thick hardback and saying, “Read this. I think you’ll enjoy it.” Dad had no idea that he’d just laid something in my hands that would set the course for my life.

I was fourteen and had never heard of Robert Ludlum or The Bourne Identity, and I had no idea about the plot of the book. I immediately read the dust jacket and was mesmerized by Bourne having amnesia, and yet his body “knew” all of these special skills.

That one thought totally consumed me. The idea that the body could be trained to do something so well that it actually becomes an internal part of your being, something you can do without thought, as natural as breathing or sleeping.

I devoured the pages like a starving dog attacks a fried chicken leg. I read so much I even forgot about watching MTV. (That was a big deal for a teenager 1982, when MTV was a new phenomenon and actually played music videos.)

When Dad gave me the book, I was considering signing up for a summer Kung fu program. By the time I finished the first couple of chapters and Bourne had wiped out a group of fishermen with his “mentally buried” martial arts skills, I knew right then I had to learn kung fu. I wanted my body to know it…just like Bourne.

Now, over thirty years later, I continue to strive for that perfection in my own kung fu. I want to instill that same passion into my students and hope that they will believe that kung fu can be just as natural to them.

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  1. What brought me here?

    I got bored after having finished working on my pharmacy license and started my job. I tried going to the gym and running, but both activities gave me only headaches without satisfaction.

    Then one of my colleagues mentioned Tai Chi. At that point, I couldn’t even think about doing Kung Fu for I didn’t know I would be able “to punch somebody in the face” (you still can call me a “sweetie” if you want to…..just kidding)

    So I started doing Tai Chi, but felt like my energy still had not been spent. Then I decided to try the “real thing”. Not immediately but rather slowly has it started growing on me.

    And here I am, after about one and half years, I feel like my life is being fulfilled with passion and satisfaction. Not that I am satisfied with my performance (absolutely not), but with the fact that I have found it, my passion .

    Thank You, Sifu, for helping me find it.


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